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Perinatal Psychology

The perinatal phase of life refers to the time between conception and the end of the first postnatal year. Despite this being a time of great excitement and often touted as the best time of one’s life, this period can hold some of the greatest challenges for individuals, infants and families as a whole. This is due to the profound transition to parenthood, the development of attachment between parents and their newborn, and the adjustment to the demands of caregiving.


Perinatal Psychology explores the psychological processes and experiences occurring during the perinatal period, focusing on the mental health and well-being of both parents and infants.


Perinatal depression affects 15 – 20% of pregnant individuals and new moms, with 10% experiencing clinically significant anxiety. Perinatal Mental health difficulties pose a global health concern, with suicide continuing to be reported as one of the leading causes of maternal death. 


At QLD Clinical Psychology we provide a warm, holistic and non judgemental space for individuals and families to bring all their concerns about fertility, pregnancy, pregnancy loss and the postpartum period.

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